BAC Local #3. Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers
- IUBAC Member Portal

The IUBAC is pleased to announce the roll-out of a web-based member access system known as the "Member Portal". The system was created with the objective of enhancing communication between the IU, Locals and ADC's, and BAC members providing secure and easy access to membership data. The Member Portal will enable you to review your membership information online and to initiate a limited number of changes electronically. The site currently contains the following:

  • Your demographic and contract information
  • Your IU membership information
  • Your IU death benefit information including beneficiary designations
  • Your recent work history
  • Your reciprocal information including blanket authorization forms and transfer history
  • A section for you to securely upload pertinent forms and documents.

All ACTIVE members have access to the system. Dropped members are permitted access if their period of inactivity is 12 mos. or less.

The Member Portal may be accessed through a web browser by navigating to and clicking the Member Portal banner. You will need an active e-mail account and will need to have your membership card available as a reference during registration. Follow the instructions under "Create an Account" to initially register and gain access to the system. The Registration Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section contains helpful information regarding account creation, logging on, and password recovery.

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