BAC Local #3. Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers



"We miss 100% of the contractors that we never talk to and never attempt to sign." Organizing is an important link in our Union’s chain and will lead to us become a better resource for BAC Local #3 members. As an organized group we will become stronger and more effective in our efforts to protect the rights of individuals in the industry. Our most effective tool in organizing is the communication between our organizing department and the members. The wealth of information that is obtained through these relationships will continue to progress the Union further. Through the efforts of unionized workers we have been able to obtain:

  • 8-hour day
  • 5-day work week
  • Health Insurance
  • Good pensions
  • Higher wages
  • Job security
  • Overtime pay
  • Job safety
  • Family and medical leave
  • Fair treatment for women, people of all ethnic backgrounds, and those with disabilities

We use many tools in the organizing toolbox at BAC Local #3:

  • C.O.M.E.T.
  • National Labor Relations Act 
  • Local / I.U. Apprentices 
  • U.L.P.’s 
  • Hand Billing 
  • Job Recovery 
  • Union reference to non-union employers
  • I.M.I. Programs 
  • Jobs in non-union shops 
  • Davis Bacon Act 
  • Recognition 
  • Picketing (Informational, Economic or Recognition) 
  • Organizing Employers/Employees 
  • Organizing Customers Work Force


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